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nskrit equivalent (although it can be equated with the Indian concept of bodhi), often used to indicate the enlightenment which is the original endowment of all sentient beings. See, for example T 842.17.913c (圆觉经).(1) Chinese transcription of the Sanskrit buddha, meaning "awakened," or the "awakened one." Most East Asian writers and translators shortened this to the first character 佛. (2) These two characters also form the first part of the names of many monks from India and Central Asia.Buddhagaya^, the name of the place where S/a^kyamuni is recorded as having attained his enlightenment. Pronounced in modern Hindi as Bodhgaya^. Located about 10 km. south of the modern day city of Gaya in Biharu.Buddhatra^ta, the name given in the colophon of the Sut

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Inter: 漢語寫法 » 简=三千大千世界|正=[[]]


Inter: 漢語讀音 » 國=|漢語拼音=sānqiāndàqiānshìjiè|粵=|滬=|白話字=|臺羅拼音=




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